Vocational Training Centre

The Mota-Engil Vocational Training Centre implements courses through the Alternating Learning System, a type of initial training directed at young unemployed people aged between 15 and 25.

This training system is designed to provide twofold certification – schooling and vocational – and alternates between technical and practical training in a hands-on context.

The job openings provided by these courses are mainly related with the construction industry – Construction Site Technician, Project Planner, Quantities Surveyor, Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Technician, Electrical Facilities Technician, and also transverse job profiles such as Clerical Technician, Hygiene and Safety Technician and Quality Technician.

The courses lead to level IV certification and grant equivalence to 12th grade schooling.

Managed by the Manuel António da Mota Foundation, the Vocational Training Center was created in 1997 and begun because of the need felt by Mota & Companhia of training specialized professionals in some areas in Public Works and Civil Construction.

Converging with this need, the IEFP (Employment and Vocational Training Institute) extended an invitation to accredit the Company as a Training Entity under the Alternating Learning System, which was then set up as an External Learning Pole.

From then on, the objectives of the Centre's activity include contributing to meeting the recruiting needs both of the Group and of the industry but, above all, to simplify the insertion of unemployed youths and adults into the world of work by promoting vocational qualification and retraining.

For more detailed information on the Centre, on instructor scholarships applications or on enrolment in the courses please use the following contacts:

Quinta da Bonjóia

Rua de Bonjóia
4300-082 Porto
+351 22 519 48 40